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NAACP Continues to Blame Republicans for Democrats' Behavior


July 28, 2010
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NAACP Continues to Blame Republicans for Democrats' Behavior

VIRGINIA - Sonnie Johnson, President of the Virginia chapter of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, today called upon the NAACP to explain why they would blame Republicans for the actions of Democratic Senator Jim Webb but attributes their actions to a desperate need for relevancy in today's world.

In a Wall Street Journal column published Friday, titled "Diversity and the Myth of White Privilege," Webb complained that "the supposed monolith of White Anglo-Saxon Protestant dominance served as the whipping post for almost every debate about power and status in America."

Virginia NAACP President King Salim Khalfani compared Webb to various Republicans and conservative media figures, suggesting that he and Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul "are kith and kin."

"The new generation of Black Republicans knows we are in a new war and our adversaries still playing by the old rules," Sonnie Johnson of the Frederick Douglass Foundation said. "Senator Webb revealed his true beliefs and should be held accountable for his own actions.

"The NAACP needs to open their eyes and re-evaluate their purpose. After sixty years of blaming and crying, where is the progress in the black community? If they choose to live in the sixties and blame a whole group for the acts of a few, we can see right through this charade that reveals their true colors."

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