Thursday, July 22, 2010

NAACP Continues to Demonstrate Extremist Views by Calling Tea Party Movement "Racist"

July 12, 2010

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NAACP Continues to Demonstrate Extremist Views by Calling Tea Party Movement "Racist"

NORTH CAROLINA - Dr. Timothy F. Johnson, Chairman and Founder of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, today responded to a new resolution being considered at the annual NAACP meeting, in which the NAACP publicly calls the members of Tea Party groups nationwide "racists."

"How dare the NAACP call Tea Party groups and their members racist? These groups are colorblind and are dedicated to restoring constitutional principles and smaller government," Johnson said.

"The move by our government away from these principles have hurt families of all races, by raising taxes and enacting policies that have left millions unemployed in inner cities, suburbs, and rural areas across the country. Tea Party groups are fighting for common sense fiscal and social conservative policies, and are fighting to protect an unborn child's right to life and the sanctity of marriage.

"The NAACP no longer speaks for the average African-American. As I travel throughout North Carolina and elsewhere across the country, I see more and more blacks joining the Tea Party movement.

The overwhelming number of black Republican candidates this election year itself speaks volumes and proves the Tea Party movement has nothing to do with race.

"If the NAACP wants to continue blaming the Republicans and the emerging Tea Party movement, they will only succeed in making themselves more and more irrelevant."

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