Monday, September 27, 2010

Frederick Douglass Foundation Offers Scholarship to Those Denied by Corrupt CBC Member

WASHINGTON, DC - Timothy F. Johnson, Chairman and Founder of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, today announced that the Frederick Douglass Foundation would offer a $5,000 scholarship to any student who applied for a Congressional Black Caucus scholarship through Congressman Sanford Bishop, and was denied. An unnamed supporter has generously come forward and committed the funds to help a student in need.

Congressman Bishop has acknowledged diverting scholarship money to relatives and those with connections to staffers in his office.

"Congressman Bishop should be ashamed at himself for funneling scholarship money to relatives and friends, instead of those students in his district who need them most," Timothy Johnson said. "And in order for the Frederick Douglass Foundation to truly put our money where our mouths are,we're offering a $5,000 scholarship for any student who comes forward from Congressman Bishop's district and can prove they were denied a CBC scholarship."

An attorney for the CBC Foundation has said that it has long been understood by members that scholarships were not to be directed towards relatives. The foundation began an internal audit of its scholarship program this summer after U.S. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas admitted that she steered scholarships to her relatives and a staffer's children.

"Instead of continuing politics as usual and directing funds for needy students to friends and relatives, we must work to end the cronyism shown by Congressman Bishop and the Congressional Black Caucus's hold on his district. I truly hope we can help a needy student with a scholarship that Congressman Bishop cast aside in favor of someone who may not have needed it."

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  1. I am appalled at this statement, lack of judgment and fact checking on the part of Timothy Johnson! As a committee member who assisted with the 2nd District scholarship applications, let me first say that no one was ever denied a scholarship. Approximately 40 students did not qualify (inadequate application package, acceptance letter from college, GPA, etc), but I am sure your cash strapped organization can't afford to honor that $200,000 pledge to those that did not qualify!!

    Second and most importantly, Cong. Bishop does not make the final selection for award, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation does!

    I am sickened by your obvious republican lead witch-hunt and motive to continuously slander a very honorable and fair man during this election cycle! Neither you nor any other media outlets care diddily squat about any of those very worthy recipients, who have earned degrees and now giving back as teachers, special Ed teachers, lawyers, biologist, and many more!

    Not only that, your article and the stories seems to assume that the employees connected to Mrs. Bishop earned a wage that would make it unnecessary to need financial assistance for their family members. You obviously have never worked for a municipality before and/or a public servant! The pay is minimum! No one earning $30-$40K is in a position to call themselves well off! Also, you seem to imply that the 7 scholarships in question are the average and not the exception! The 2nd district has awarded hundreds of scholarships - ALL who have been worthy, qualified and in need!

    Dare we delve into the Fredrick Douglas Foundation and discover revelations that may be perceived as questionable. One would think that an organization like yours-"living in a glass house", should not throw stones!