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November, 05 2010
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By Frances Rice

The message from voters in the 2010 election was two-fold: a rejection of President Barack Obama's job-killing Socialist agenda and a denunciation of the Democratic Party's divisive politics of race-baiting. The accusation by Democrats that the Republican Party is a racist party was exposed, once again, to be absolutely false when these three black Republicans, shown below, won their elections and were added to the long list of black Republicans already serving in elected positions in multiple states at various levels of government. Newly elected to Congress are Tim Scott in South Carolina and Allen West in Florida. Also in Florida, Jennifer Carroll became that state's lieutenant governor, the first black woman Republican ever elected to this position. These victorious candidates received scant media coverage since they contradict the image promoted by Democrats that the Republican Party is racist.

During the election, Obama and his fellow Democrats tried to avoid the political tsunami by resorting to acts of desperation, including scraping the bottom of the Democratic Party's racist barrel. Blacks in Florida were startled and incensed when former President Bill Clinton, at the apparent behest of Obama, tried to get black Democrat U. S. Rep. Kendrick Meek to drop out of the race for U. S. Senate and endorse white Gov. Charlie Crist, the one-time Republican who ran as an independent after withdrawing from the Republican Party primary. There would have been a firestorm of charges of racism by the liberal media and black civil rights organizations, such as the NAACP, had a white Republican tried to force a black Democrat out of a race for any elected office.

So, what was a focus for the NAACP during the 2010 election? That once great organization was busily digging its own grave of irrelevancy by issuing a bogus and racially incendiary report written by far left wingers in the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights. That report falsely accused the Tea Party activists of being racist because they oppose Obama's socialist agenda and want to reduce the size of our government, cut spending and keep our taxes low. Without a doubt, the NAACP report was a blatant attempt to get black voters to the polls by stirring up hatred against their fellow white Americans who Obama described as "the enemy."

Not surprising, the NAACP's report backfired and may well have been the final nail in the coffin of white guilt. In his Internet blog posting entitled "Why I Won't Be Reading the NAACP's Report on Tea Party Racism," pundit Roger Simon wrote the following analysis.

"[T]he NAACP has become a creator, not a fighter, of racism. They are in the racism business, fanning the flames in order to survive, and I won't be reading their shameful, phony propagandistic report on the supposed bigotry in the Tea Party movement just being issued today in time for the election. Life is too short. If it were centuries long, it would be too short.

"But am I attacking this report without reading it? Indeed I am. If Nancy Pelosi can shove through Congress sweeping health care legislation that changes the economy of our country without reading it, I certainly can attack some trivial report on my little Internet blog after only glancing at the first paragraph and the names of the authors.

"There is, however, a serious issue represented by this report. We have come to a moment in our national development when identity based organizations like the NAACP have a strong vested interest in impeding progress, especially for the groups they purport to represent. If things get better for black people, the NAACP has no reason for being - or must devolve into some kind of social club."

Frances Rice is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and Chairman of the National Black Republican Association. She may be contacted at:

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