Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Frederick Douglass Foundation Commends Our Veterans Today

November 11, 2010
Media Contact: Alesha Martin
(888)698-9571 ext. 125 or

We, at the Frederick Douglass Foundation, would like to acknowledge and thank all Veterans paying tribute to their patriotism and courage. We acknowledge with sincere gratitude and appreciation all American Service men and women who have sacrificed, shown dedication and loyalty to the people of this nation.

Dr. Timothy Johnson, who himself is a 21 years US Army Veteran, Founder and Chairman of the Frederick Foundation, states:

"Veterans Day is a time of personal reflection and an opportunity for everyone to show their pride by honoring the courageous service demonstrated by those who have served their country unselfishly in times of war and peace. While Memorial Day is designated as the day to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, we should never take our Freedom for granted, especially in these current times that we are living in."

He continues his statement by saying:

"With liberal ideas threatening the core values of our country, today we urge every citizen to step up their individual efforts to ensure:
  • Abortions are not funded or performed on military bases
  • Don't Ask/Don't Tell Ban must not be repealed
  • Future elections ensure military personnel receive their absentee ballots and allowed full participation in the election process.

American citizens have an inherit obligation to support and protect our military servicemembers by making certain the Freedoms they so willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for are protected and extended to them in every facet."

God bless the United States of America

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