Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Frederick Douglass Foundation Condemns Decision to Build Mosque at Ground Zero

WASHINGTON, DC - Timothy F. Johnson, Chairman and Founder of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, today spoke out against the decision to build a mosque and Muslim community center at Ground Zero.

"I unequivocally disagree with the decision by the Muslim community to even consider placing their mosque and community center just steps away from the site of where thousands of Americans lost their lives on September 11," said Timothy Johnson.

"Tolerance works both ways. While we as Americans are tolerant of the practice of all religions, this group of Muslims must also be tolerant of the fact that Americans lost their lives due to extremists in their ranks. They should realize the hurtful message this sends to the widows, children, and brothers and sisters of 9/11 victims."

President Obama appeased a group of Muslims at a White House Ramadan dinner by not only supporting their constitutional right to practice their religion, but also their specific mosque proposed at Ground Zero. Recent polls show that over two-thirds of Americans disagree with the location of the mosque.

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