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The 21st Century Abolitionist - August 12, 2010

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The 21st Century Abolitionist
Dear ,

The primary season is almost coming to an end, and black Republicans are making gains across the country in national and local races. Ryan Frazier easily defeated his Republican challenger on Tuesday and heads to the general election in November energized and in a great position to recapture Colorado's 7th District seat.

Ryan Frazier and family
ryan frazier

Charlotte Bergmann of Tennessee also won her primary and is moving on to face her Democratic challenger in November.

Although she was not victorious in her runoff, we also congratulate FDF member Deborah Honeycutt of Georgia in her run for Congress and wish her well in future campaigns! At the conclusion of all primaries, we'll be highlighting those black Republicans that will be squaring off against Democrats in the general election.

All of our member candidates and black Republicans nationwide are sending a message to the Democratic leadership that we don't all act the same way or think the same way - and we certainly don't vote the same way!

If you are planning on attending the Restoring Honor Rally on the Mall on August 28, I hope you will join us the night before for the Restoring Honor Reception at the Capitol Hill Club, from 7-9pm. Invited speakers include RNC Chairman Michael Steele, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Congressional candidates Stephen Broden, Robert Broadus, Charles Lollar, and BJ Lawson, and Dr. Alveda King. You can RSVP here. I hope to see you in Washington on August 27, or at another event soon.


Timothy F. Johnson, PhD
Chairman, The Frederick Douglass Foundation

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Recent News
President Obama's job approval rating averaged 88% among blacks and 38% among whites in July, a 50-percentage-point difference that has been consistent in recent months but is much larger than in the initial months of the Obama presidency. Read more here.

Lubbock, Texas Republicans say they brought in black conservative Claver Kamau-Imani to break down racial boundaries between the Republican Party and minorities. Kamau-Imani says the tea party isn't racist. Read more here.

For years, churches across the USA have prayed that more young people would explore careers in ministry as a wave of Baby Boomer pastors prepares to retire. Now it seems their prayers are being answered. Read more here.

Senator Harry Reid apparently also thinks that Hispanics can only think and vote one way. On Tuesday, he told an audience of mostly Hispanic voters: "I don't know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, okay. Do I need to say more?" Ironically, his son is running for Governor against a Hispanic Republican - and badly trailing in the polls. Read more here.

FDF Chairman Timothy F. Johnson appeared on Charlotte's political roundtable, FlashPoint, to discuss Proposition 8, the congressional ethics scandal, and the South Carolina Governor's race. Click the links to watch each segment of the show.

Spotlight on FDF Members and Candidates
­Cedra Crenshaw: Mom vs. Machine

cedra crenshaw
Cedra Crenshaw has the Chicago machine scared, and doing everything they can to rock her campaign and derail her chances of winning a seat in the Illinois State Senate this November.

First, they tried to get her name removed from the ballot. Now, they've started a fake blog and are using Google to advertise it. The Democrats and the Chicago machine have truly reached a new low.

Illinois' Governor Quinn's budget director revealed the Democrats' plan to hike income taxes 67% immediately following the November election in a recent interview with Bloomberg. A staunch proponent of raising your taxes, it's no surprise that the Democratic machine will do whatever it takes to protect incumbent AJ Willhelmi's Senate seat.

Cedra needs your help with a TWELVE on 12 MoneyBomb - that's $12,000 by today, August 12. Can you contribute to her campaign to take down the Chicago machine?

For more information of the Democrats' dirty tricks, including video proof of the Chicago machines' plan to increase taxes, click here.


vanessaVanessa Jean Louis at the Uni-Tea Party

President of the Frederick Douglass Foundation's New Jersey Chapter Vanessa Jean Louis spoke at the Uni-Tea Party in Philadelphia on July 31. She told a very personal story of her upbringing to parents who emigrated from Haiti and her work in the inner cities. Click here to watch her passionate speech!

If you are a candidate or FDF member with an upcoming event, please email to include your event in our weekly newsletter.
The Restoring Honor Reception - Friday, August 27

The Frederick Douglass Foundation, in conjunction with Founders' Truth, is holding the Restoring Honor Reception on Friday, August 27 at 7pm, the eve of the Restoring Honor Rally on the Washington Mall, at the Capitol Hill Club.

Invited guests include RNC Chair Michael Steele, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Pro-life leader Dr. Alveda King, Ken Blackwell, Founders' Truth President Greg Brannon, House Minority Leader John Boehner, Congressional Candidates Stephen Broden, BJ Lawson, Charles Lollar, and Robert Broadus, and other leading conservatives.

Cost to attend is free and open to all! We hope you'll be able to join us. Donations of $25 will be accepted at the reception. Click here for more information and to RSVP.


The Frederick Douglass Foundation is selling Entertainment Books to raise money for our activities and efforts. You can get a book for your city and state and save thousands of dollars on restaurants and shops you may already visit. Books range from $20-$30 depending on your area.

Click here to purchase your book today and help the Frederick Douglass Foundation in our fundraising efforts.


Volunteer for Victory this November

The RNC has launced Volunteer Match, and it's a network that collects volunteer opportunities for this election cycle. That includes opportunities to volunteer for campaigns, state parties, and RNC Victory Centers. It lets you create your own profile and search for volunteer opportunities. It also lets you specify how you feel your skills would be best utilized, and connects you directly to organizations looking for help.

Using Volunteer Match, you can search for opportunities in your area and find the ones that best suit you. Whether you're looking to get involved on a national, state, or local level, Volunteer Match is the tool to make it happen. We built Volunteer Match so that you can make an impact. Volunteering is the surest way for you to make a difference this fall. And make no mistake: you are going to make the difference.

You can start today by clicking here and signing up for Volunteer Match!


The RNC is accepting applications for its internship program through August 20.

The Fall Intern program runs from September 7 through December 17.

Click here to apply today!

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