Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Historic Slate of Black Republican Candidates Heads to the General Election

WASHINGTON, DC - Timothy F. Johnson, Chairman and Founder ofthe Frederick Douglass Foundation, was pleased to announce the full list of black Republican Congressional candidates that have succeeded in their respective primaries and now move on to the General Election.

Thirteen black Republican candidates from across the country will vie for a seat in Congress this November.

"What an incredible time in our nation's history - to have thirteen strong black Republican candidates running for Congress," Timothy Johnson said. "The only time since Reconstruction when more than one black Republican was serving in Congress was in 1995-1997, when both Gary Franks and J.C. Watts were elected."

The black Republican Congressional candidates are Star Parker, CA-37; Ryan Frazier, CO-7; Allen West, FL-22; Isaac Hayes, IL-2; Robert Broadus, MD-4; Charles Lollar, MD-5; Bill Marcy, MS-2; Michel Faulkner, NY-15; Bill Randall, NC-13; Tim Scott, SC-3; Charlotte Bergman, TN-9, Stephen Broden, TX-30; and Chuck Smith, VA-3.

"I have high hopes for all of these candidates, because it will be even more evidence so many black Americans do share our conservative values. For so long, the Democrats have taken the black vote for granted. I'm going to work hard for all of these candidates, to put an end to Nancy Pelosi's liberal agenda. I hope you'll join me, because these candidates face an uphill battle and desperately need our help to win in November."

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