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The 21st Century Abolitionist - October 14, 2010

The 21st Century Abolitionist
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In many states, including North Carolina, early voting has begun. Our Democratic opponents take advantage of early voting and in many cases are able to win even before election day. We must take a page from their book and vote early, where we can.

WallBuilders has compiled a voting guide comprised of pro-family groups and candidates. You can find out more information by visiting

I've been staying active this campaign season and spent last Saturday at a Tea Party Rally in Edenton, NC. Below are some pictures of the event.

edenton tea party1

edenton tea party2

Timothy Johnson with keynote speaker Michael Grimes

Last week in Philadelphia, President Obama said that Republicans this year are counting on the blacks staying home. Let's show him how the power of our vote will have a big effect on the election this year, as we elect a record number of conservative candidates to local, state, and federal office.


Timothy F. Johnson, PhD
Chairman, The Frederick Douglass Foundation

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Recent News
The Justice Department is suing the state of New York for missing deadlines to mail ballots to overseas troops as part of a new federal overseas voting law after settling a similar case with New Mexico.Read more here.

On a swing through Florida to introduce herself to voters, Republican Lt. Governor candidate Jennifer Carroll addressed the "Lipstick Republicans" of St. Lucie County. Read more here.

Today, Frederick Douglass is inspiring a new movement among conservative African Americans. To watch the video from the Christian Broadcasting Network and read more, click here.

A majority of women see the Obama Administration as a failure, according to a new poll conducted by Kellyanne Conway for The Kitchen Cabinet, a conservative women's group. Read more here.

David Barton presents a video with five prominent African Americans no one talks about. Watch the video here.

A pro-life billboard ad is turning heads in Marinette, Wis., and garnering national attention for its matter-of-fact message. Read more here.

Rather than ushering in a post-racial era, Obama's election to the White House appears to have intensified racial divisions in America. Read more here.

Spotlight on FDF Members and Candidates
damon dunnDamon Dunn: A Story of the American Dream

Born in 1976 in Fort Worth, TX to a 16-year-old single mother, Damon Dunn grew up in dire poverty; living in a three-bedroom trailer with ten people. Damon grew up hunting and fishing as means to provide food, and wore Salvation Army clothes. From these humble beginnings, Damon learned the value - and the rewards-of hard work, which he has demonstrated throughout his life.

After attending Stanford University as a standout football player, Damon played in the NFL for several years. Upon his retirement, he co-founded a successful real estate firm with holdings across the country. He saw how the California business environment was choking innovation and the potential of the entrepreneur, the two characteristics which had made California great in the first place.

Damon is running for California Secretary of State, and has received the endorsement of several Chambers of Commerce, local elected officials, education leaders, and athletic notables including NY Giants coach Tom Coughlin, whom Damon played under during his time in the NFL.

For more information, visit


star parkerA Rising Star

Star Parker is running for Congress in California's 37th Congressional District, and recently held a town hall meeting with over 200 people in attendance!

With unemployment over 13% in the city of Long Beach, and as high as 22% in the district; with the latest economic numbers pointing toward more gloom; with its public schools near the bottom in the nation, Ms. Parker committed herself to bringing jobs - real private sector jobs, competition for failing public schools, and fighting for a military second to none.

"My opponent has done absolutely nothing to bring jobs to this district. She goes along with every tax increase that politicians continue to push on the good people of this district," Parker declared.

You can read more about Star at


FDF of New York Kick Off Event!

Ayesha Kreutz, President of the Frederick Douglass Foundation's New York Chapter is hosting a Kick Off event on October 26 in Rochester. If you are in the area, please consider attending to support the New York Chapter! You can find more information about the kick off event here.


If you have an upcoming event or speaking engagement, please email for inclusion in the newsletter.


The final sprint to the November 2 elections includes two RNC 2010 Victory Rallies with special guest Sarah Palin!

Join her in Anaheim, CA on Saturday, October 16 or in Orlando, FL on Saturday, October 23. For more information, click here.


The Americano to Host First Annual Hispanic Forum and Gala
in Washington, DC

The Americano announced its First Annual Hispanic Forum and Gala to be held at the Washington Hilton in DC on December 2-3, 2010. The theme of the Forum will be The Road to Freedom: Sharing American Liberty with Hispanics Around the Globe. The Conference will focus on the importance of defending American values, democracy, and how best to counter political messages that threaten our natural right to freedom.

The idea behind this event is to bring Hispanics together to engage in today´s hot topics. Discussions will include: Reflections on Hispanic Economy in the U.S., Immigration and National Security, Hispanic Media and Its Impact, Latino Blogs and Social Media, and Terrorism in the Americas. There will also be a "Consensus Lunch Discussion" with the purpose of creating a bipartisan agreement for the development of the Hispanic community.

Newt Gingrich will be joined on the panel by former Prime Minister José María Aznar of Spain, and top U.S. Hispanic leaders that include: Secretary Carlos Gutiérrez, Leslie Sánchez, Hector Barreto Jr., Álvaro Vargas-Llosa, Ruben Navarrete, Rachel Campos-Duffy, and others.


entertainment book

The Frederick Douglass Foundation is selling Entertainment Books to raise money for our activities and efforts. You can get a book for your city and state and save thousands of dollars on restaurants and shops you may already visit. Books range from $20-$30 depending on your area.

Click here to purchase your book today and help the Frederick Douglass Foundation in our fundraising efforts.


Volunteer for Victory this November

The RNC has launched Volunteer Match, and it's a network that collects volunteer opportunities for this election cycle. That includes opportunities to volunteer for campaigns, state parties, and RNC Victory Centers. It lets you create your own profile and search for volunteer opportunities. It also lets you specify how you feel your skills would be best utilized, and connects you directly to organizations looking for help.

Using Volunteer Match, you can search for opportunities in your area and find the ones that best suit you. Whether you're looking to get involved on a national, state, or local level, Volunteer Match is the tool to make it happen. We built Volunteer Match so that you can make an impact. Volunteering is the surest way for you to make a difference this fall. And make no mistake: you are going to make the difference.

You can start today by clicking here and signing up for Volunteer Match!

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