Tuesday, October 12, 2010

FrederickDouglass Foundation Condemns Lawrence O'DonnellFor Racist Comments Against Michael Steele

WASHINGTON, DC - The Frederick Douglass Foundation today condemned MSNBC host LawrenceO'Donnell for his racially directed comments at RNC Chair Michael Steele.

"The time has come for all members of the Democratic Partywho continue to make racially insensitive statements and think they can simplymake an apology or explain away their comments to take notice," said FDF Chairman and Founder Timothy Johnson. "It is time for fair mindedpeople to view the Democratic Party for what it was and what it continues to be- a group of race baiting liberals who are only concerned with winningelections, not the needs of the people they ill serve."

Earlier this week on his MSNBC Show The Last Word, Lawrence O'Donnell stated that Steele "isdancing as fast as he can, trying to charm independent voters and Tea Partierswhile never losing sight of his real master and paycheck provider, theRepublican National Committee."

"While apologizing to Michael Steele was the right thing todo, it is my hope that Democrats will remove these slave-era terms from thetips of their tongues and their vocabulary. This goes for Jimmy Carter, HarryReid, Bill Clinton, and any other Democrat that thinks they can take theminority vote for granted on one hand, and make racist comments about them onthe other."

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