Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In Case You Missed It: Congresswoman Improperly Diverts Congressional Black Caucus Scholarships To Family Members

Stephen Broden Statement on Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson

Pastor Stephen Broden, candidate for US Congress from Texas House District 30, today responded to Eddie Bernice Johnson's admission that thousands of dollars of Congressional Black Caucus scholarships under her control were given to her own grandchildren and other family members and to two of her aide's children, in violation of two Congressional Black Caucus rules, one prohibiting nepotism and the other requiring that recipients live or study in the Congressional district.
"The decision Eddie Bernice Johnson made to award Congressional Black Caucus scholarship money which she controlled to family members and family friends who were not eligible to receive those scholarships is unfair to deserving young students in District 30. Worse, it reveals an attitude of disdain for her constituents and favoritism of family over the people who elected her to office.
"Ms. Johnson slowly owned up to the impropriety, first denying favoritism, then admitting that she had violated the rules, and at some point stating that 'immediate family doesn't include grandchildren,' leaving doubt that she understands what makes her actions wrong.

"This is not a one-time mix-up with a single applicant; it is a pattern of abuse covering 5 years and 23 scholarships worth approximately $25,000. It is the behavior of someone who simply has been in office too long, who no longer believes the rules apply to her, and who no longer puts the interests of her constituents first. While Ms. Johnson has said that she will rectify the situation, the simple truth is that the residents of District 30 deserve better. Some in Congress have served honorably for years, but for many, too many years on the federal payroll have led to arrogance and worse. It is past time for new leadership for District 30."

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