Friday, September 10, 2010

The Newly Founded Frederick Douglass Foundation at Liberty University

Frederick Douglass Foundation
at Liberty University

"Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one
class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them,
neither persons nor property will be safe." Frederick Douglass

September 3, 2010
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The Newly Founded Frederick Douglass Foundation at
Liberty University
LYNCHBURG, VA - "... A collection of pro-active individuals committed to...bringing the sanctity of free market and limited government ideas to bear on the hardest problems facing our nation...and to developing innovative and new approaches to today's problems."

That is the mission of the LU Chapter of the Frederick Douglass Foundation and the Frederick Douglass Foundation as a whole. It is to serve as an ideological bastion towards opposing views and to meet the arguments through debate and discourse.

israel jackson

Headed by Israel Jackson, the charter's key founder and president, he envisioned the Foundation to serve Liberty University and the community as a respectful and prominent Think Tank, by the promotion of conservative ideals and solutions through its publications. To pike interest, the organization will also act as a community humanitarian efforts entity to reflect Christian servitude to the black community and others in need of aid. The chapter will fall under Sonnie Johnson, the President of the Virginia Chapter of the Frederick Douglass Foundation.

The FDF plans to act as strong in the conservative community as Hillsdale College's Imprimis. The club hopes that the Freedom Journal e-Magazine will surpass other publications in profoundness and brilliance, the way that Liberty University has gone in competition with most secular colleges and being dominant as the largest and most prominent Christian University in the world.

All of the club members desire to make a difference in first Lynchburg, then the remainder of the Commonwealth, and finally to be the light of the nation. One of the primary objectives was: "Through the use of The Freedom Journal e-Magazine, lectures and special events, we will distribute those (Conservative) ideas to policy makers and key opinion leaders to make meaningful change. Our goals are to educate, enhance, and empower the black community."

As an intellectual institution, the FDF feels that in today's world, many aspiring scholars in colleges are intellectually famished and need to be challenged. As having a solid Christian conservative base, the FDF discerns it can meet those scholars by challenging their beliefs and presenting new concepts with full inclusion.

More information on the organization will be presented at a kickoff event September 10th at 7 pm in the Liberty University Law School at the Mountain View Room.The event will host leaders that will include Timothy F. Johnson, Chairman and Founder of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, Lenny McAllister, author of Diary of a Mad Black P.Y.C. (Proud Young Conservative), Black Republican leaders from the Frederick Douglass Foundation, from the State Chapter, College Republicans, and the Leadership Institute to name a few. Information can also be found at their webpage at

Joseph C. Bond
Director of Public Relations
1971 University Blvd
Lynchburg, Virginia

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